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Introducing Detention Source Lite

A patent pending mobile application that helps truck drivers get compensated for detention.  

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When to Use DS Lite

Detention occurs when a driver is detained past the amount of free time allowed to load or unload a particular load.  With DS Lite, drivers can use the application every time they arrive at a shipper/receiver, or they can choose to use it as a as needed service whenever they feel like they are going to be held up getting loaded/unloaded. 

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How DS Lite Works

Once the driver clicks “Track Detention” in the mobile application, the software will store the GPS coordinates from the drivers cell phone and the system will also log the time in which the truck driver clicked “Track Detention”, both the GPS coordinates and the time will be used in the detention summary.  It’s important for drivers to only click “Track Detention” upon arrival to the shipper/receiver as the location and time are both used in the detention summary to prove the driver was at the correct location on time.  After the driver clicks “Track Detention”, the driver waits until they are loaded/unloaded and once they are loaded/unloaded they will input the Load# (in correspondence to their customer), the appointment date/time, and the in and out times in correlation to what the shipper/receiver has documented.​

There will also be a set of predefined fields that are editable such as allotted free time and the hourly detention rate. The application will calculate the appropriate detention charges to be requested based on the information that was input by the driver.  The detention summary will provide the location and time stamp of the driver when they clicked “Track Detention”, the appointment date/time, the check in and out times, a breakdown of any applicable detention charges, and a comment section for the driver to input any comments they feel are warranted.  This detention summary will be automatically emailed to the email address the driver has on file and the driver can also share the detention summary with others from the application.  The detention summary is a document that provides all the essential information to get paid detention.

Download the App Below for a Free 30 Day Trial

Enjoy Unlimited Access for just $9.99/mo. Following the First Month.

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Your Partner in Detention Pay

DS Lite is the ultimate solution for truck drivers looking to maximize their earnings by efficiently managing detention time. Say goodbye to lost revenue due to extended wait times at shipping and receiving facilities. With DS Lite, you can track, document, and claim detention pay with ease, ensuring fair compensation for your valuable time.

Key Features:

Why Choose DS Lite?


Don't let detention time eat into your profits. Download DS Lite today and start reclaiming your time and money. Drive smarter, earn better with DS Lite.

Maximize Earnings

Take control of your detention pay and ensure you're fairly compensated for your time.

Streamlined Process

Simplify the detention pay process from tracking to claim submission, saving you time and effort.

Fairness and Transparency

DS Lite promotes fairness and transparency in detention pay practices, advocating for drivers' rights.

Empowering Drivers

Empower yourself with the tools and resources you need to advocate for your earnings and optimize your driving experience.

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