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Detention Source is a patent pending automated software system designed to manage, notify, and process truck driver detention requests between logistic professionals.  

In the transportation (trucking) industry, truck driver detention can often be a gray area when it comes between truck drivers, customers, shippers, receivers, and dispatchers.  There are a lot of scenarios where it is “he said, she said”.  For instance, a truck driver arrives at the shipper/receiver before an appointment time but there is a line of trucks waiting to check in, by the time the driver checks in it is past their appointment time, making all detention void after the allotted free time.  Is the driver really considered late or is it the shipper/receiver’s fault for not having a more efficient check-in process?  It can also come down to a shipping/receiving clerk or truck driver merely writing or logging the incorrect check in and check out times resulting in the customer not paying detention or the customer paying detention when they shouldn’t be. 

There are too many scenarios where all parties are simply just in a disagreement of when the truck driver checked in and out of a shipper/receiver.  This is one of the reasons why Detention Source was created, to bring transparency and accuracy in the way trucking detention is viewed for all logistic professionals.

As it relates to requesting for driver detention, there are alot of different requirements that are made by customers.  Below are some common requirements a dispatcher or driver may need to do in order to receive detention from a customer: 

  • Notify the customer once the driver is approaching or entering detention 

  • Provide the driver’s appointment time with their arrival and departure times

  • Calculate the total cost of detention they are requesting from the customer in accordance to the customers detention policy

  • Provide a copy of the BOL or other paperwork

  • Get written approval from an authorized representative of the customer agreeing to pay the set detention amount

Truck Driving Sunset

With Detention Source, once an order is created all of the often required work to receive detention pay is done autonomously. 

The customer is notified via email once the driver’s “allotted free time” has expired.

 A detailed digital invoice is then automatically emailed to the customer upon completion of the load displaying the calculated detention amount being requested (made custom to the customer’s detention policy) and the drivers appointment times with their arrival/departure times (verifiable by GPS). 

From there the customer can click approve, deny, or modify within the digital emailed invoice to accept,  deny, or modify the requested detention amount.

If approved, a detailed receipt/print out will be sent over to the carrier and this can be used as proof of acceptance to pay the amount of detention that was requested when it is time to bill for the entirety of the load.  If the detention request is denied, an email notification will be sent out to all parties advising that the detention request has been denied with optional reasoning provided by the customer to why it is being denied.  Customers can also modify the detention amounts if they are in a disagreement with the automatically calculated detention amount provided by the system. 

Overhead view trucks

An autonomous, simplified solution in requesting and processing detention charges. 

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