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Automated Detention Invoicing & Processing

GPS verified proof of when a driver arrives and departs a shipper/receiver

No work for the dispatcher, driver, or CSR’s to request for detention

Automated detention warning notifications sent out to customers when the driver is on time and has reached the end of the allotted free time to get loaded or unloaded

Detention Source Logistics Solutions

Detention Source Logistics Solutions

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Detention Source uses geofence technology to monitor when a driver arrives and departs a shipper or receiver.  Once an order is created there is a geofence created around each location within a route.  As soon as the assigned driver enters the geofence, the system logs the driver’s arrival time internally.  If the driver was on time for their assigned appointment and their allotted free time to get loaded or unloaded has expired, a detention warning email notification will be sent out to the carrier as well as the carrier's customer letting them know the driver has entered detention. 

Driver Map Dashboard
(Dashboard View)

If the driver was late for their appointment, the system will not send out the detention warning email notification as detention would be void.  After the detention warning email notification has been sent out, the system continues to monitor the driver until they leave the geofence.  When the driver leaves the geofence and the route has been completed, the system will then send the customer a detailed detention digital invoice/email notification requesting for the detention to be approved or denied. This detention digital invoice/email notification will include the GPS coordinates of where the driver was when they entered and left the geofence (arrival and departure times) of the detention location/s and the appropriate dollar amount being requested in accordance with the customers detention policy along with various other helpful information. 

The customer will then receive the detention digital invoice/email notification and have the option to approve or deny the requested amount.  If approved a detailed receipt will be sent to both the carrier and customer.  This receipt will have information pertaining to who approved the detention, the approved detention amounts willing to be paid by the customer, the date in which it was approved, and other helpful information. If the customer denies the detention request, both the customer and carrier will receive an email notification showing the request was denied with optional notes put in by the customer explaining why the request was denied.

A Look Into Detention Source

Explore the screenshots below of our new intuitive & convenient dashboard

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