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Automated Detention Invoicing & Processing

Custom Software Solutions that Monitor & Simplify Driver Detention Requests and Processing.

Truck Driver Detention Dashboard

Carrier/Freight Broker Benefits

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No work for the dispatcher, driver, or CSR’s to request for detention

GPS verified proof of when a driver arrives and departs a shipper/receiver

Custom features that allow orders to be setup tailored to each customer’s detention policy

Detention visibility dashboard that includes a map of all drivers actively at a shipper or receiver

Shipper Benefits

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Automated detention warning notifications received when a driver is on time and entering detention

Detailed detention receipts sent out to all parties once detention is approved, providing a clear and efficient process between billing and accounts payable

TMS integration available

Easy approve/deny process that allows an organized way in handling detention requests

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Eliminate the "Gray Area" of Driver Detention

There are too many scenarios where all parties are simply just in disagreement of when truck drivers check in and out of shippers and receivers. This is one of the reasons why Detention Source was created, to bring transparency and accuracy in the way trucking detention is viewed for all logistic professionals.

Detention Source Dashboard
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